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Mythbusters: Hearing Aids


images (7)For many, it takes years of struggles with misunderstanding speech in conversations, not hearing in noisy social settings and difficulties listening on the phone before they seek help with a hearing aid.  Yet, several days of strife may have been averted had a hearing aid been pursued earlier.  Today, many objections exist around hearing aids that prevent people from taking proper action.  However, many of these objections are based upon old conditions or myths.  We want to help dispel a few of those for you or a loved one.

Myth:  Hearing aids are too big and are too noticeable when worn.

Fact:  While previous hearing aids may have been large and clunky, today’s hearing aids are drastically different in size and cosmetic appeal.  In fact, many of the behind-the-ear hearing aids needed by those with more significant hearing losses have won multiple industrial design awards in the consumer electronics category for their stylish design and ease-of-use.  Also, there are small hearing aids that are nearly invisible* when worn deep in your ear canal.

Myth:  Hearing aids only work in quiet settings and can’t help in noisy situations with background noise.

Facts:  Vast improvements in hearing aid technology have been made even in the last few years to help make hearing in noisy environments effortless.  With today’s technology, a hearing aid will intuitively seek out speech to amplify it, all while compressing background noises and conversations.  This allows for conversations in social settings to be easy and enjoyable again.

Myth:  Hearing aids are too expensive.

Fact:  Actually, hearing aids today not only come in an array of sizes and styles but also with several levels of technology and affordable options.  The level of hearing aid technology you will want will depend first upon recommendations from your hearing examination but also your lifestyle needs.  Many patients who have only moderate hearing losses may opt for a more sophisticated hearing aid because they need performance in large group meetings or in social settings.

On the other hand, some individuals with significant losses opt for a hearing aid that gives them performance in only a few environments of concern, such as in church, hearing on the phone and in listening to television.  At Hearing Health Associates we understand hearing aids are not one-size-fits all prescriptions. We are glad to review pricing ranges and payment plans to ensure you get a hearing aid, if needed, which satisfies both your budgetary and lifestyle needs.

We hope that if you or a loved one struggle with a hearing loss, early consideration will be given to evaluating hearing aid options.  With affordable and reliable technology available, no one should have to go a day without better hearing.  Interested to learn more or schedule a free hearing examination?  Simply request an appointment by entering your information on our Contact Us page and we will be in touch to help you get started.

*Level of invisibility may vary