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Are You AMP’ed for Better Hearing?

invisible-hearing-aid-the-canal-iic-70810-4574885Not everyone is ready for a hearing aid, we understand that.  On average, a person waits  five to seven after initially recognizing hearing loss before making a hearing aid purchase. Many get by with various mechanisms — lip reading or standing on a certain side to favor a better hearing ear — before investing in the benefit of a hearing aid.  Such factors as cost, maintenance and the stigma of wearing a hearing aid commonly perpetuate this delay in purchasing.

To help those not ready to make a hearing aid find the help they need, a new product is available that satisfies many of the concerns mentioned above.  This product is called AMP, and is really “the hearing aid for those who aren’t ready to wear a hearing aid.”  What makes AMP a favorable option as a starter hearing aid is that is inexpensive, nearly invisible* when worn and simple to use.  AMP’s small design makes it comfortable to wear and easy to remove.  The price is easy on the pocketbook.  At $750 per aid, those in need of hearing amplification, but not ready to make a major purchase can get hearing  assistance and avoid worsening struggles with hearing loss in their lives.

While we always say that hearing is priceless, we understand that hearing aids can be a considerable investment.  Even though the AMP is not our best performing hearing aid, we do recommend it for those looking for hearing assistance as opposed to none at all.  If this pertains to you or a loved one, please let us know by submitting your information on our Contact Us page and we will be glad to share more information.  We are confident that this product will provide an affordable, simple to use answer for those who have been delaying a solution for hearing loss because they are not ready for a hearing aid.

*Individual results may vary.  Invisibility may vary based on your ear’s anatomy.